KV2 ES System in action at a full day festival in St Neots

Political Hustings Event in the leadup to the 2019 election. We supplied our 112 cabinets as well as panellists & lectern microphones and Line 6 handheld radiomics for questions from the audience.

A generation of progress.

The 3G 16:2 was our first desk bought back in 1991 and still in (occasional) use today. 3 band EQ and 4 auxes was a typical budget specification for the era.

Later we upgraded to the industry standard Allen & Heath MixWizard. Ours is a Mk3 16:2 model offering 4 band EQ with swept mids, 6 auxes and built in FX.

Nowadays we use a QU-16 digital desk: with its touch screen, flexible routing, motorised faders and enough processing built in to replace racks of outboard gear it has risen to every challenge.

Although now superceeded by our KV2 ES system this Turbosound/Cubo rig added depth and 'throw' to these steel drum performers in 2019.

'...Mr. Bond, I've been expecting you'. A charity ball with our EAW system at the MK Dons Stadium.

Christmas Eve 2015. An estimated crowd of 3000 listened to the Salvation Army Band and sang Carols. Sound reinforcement provided by 8 of our 112 Cabinets

Outdoor sound even in the depths of Winter. A pair of our 112 Cabinets lifted securely by a wind-up stand.

The arrival of our A&H QU-32. After using the 16 channel version for several years now the logical addition to our inventory was the 32 channel model.

Party Time: an upscale event featuring a 5 piece live band as well as speeches and presentations. Our EAW system, 112 cabinets as extensions and Turbosound monitors fitted the bill.

New Years Eve Black Tie event at Woburn Sculpture Gallery.

Firework displays in 2016. This year we covered two organised displays utilising our 112 cabinets and Cubo LF units. Total attendance across both events was approximately 5000 people.

A visit to the Guildhall in Northampton with a live band. An amazing gothic (and reverberant) room. Our EAW system worked well despite all those hard surfaces.

Our inventory of PKN Amplifiers. The addition of a pair of XE6000's has brought our total capacity to approximately 28kW.

The church bells were out of action, a pair of 112 cabinets (and a perilous climb) later and wedding bells rang out.

Leighton Buzzard High Street, November 2023. Lasers, a live band a crowd of several thousand and our KV2 ES system.